Friday, August 20, 2010

No, I'm not really serious

I wanted to depart from my usual way of drawing characters a bit (i.e. bodies that try to follow the proper anatomy of humans, but in a stylized fashion), and do something more Stephen Silver-ish. Granted, he draws beautiful proper anatomy too, but his usual style is very much characterized of bodies built up using simple shapes, and tangents to its advantage (at least, that's the conclusion I've drawn...). To say the least, it's very animation-y (which shouldn't come as a surprise...).

So I started drawing a little bit, and ended up with this team:

You may know that character design is one of my true loves. I love coming up with characters, and drawing them. I think a good character can easily carry a story far. When I draw, I usually tend to just draw something random, and see what happens, but this time I thought about the stories behind the characters, and how they could be interesting in their fiction.

Richard "Dick" Rigid is obviously the main badass of this team. He's also madly in love with Bill, the lieutenant. He walks around topless in the office solely to get Bills attention. Clara Page is a reporter and journalist, and is also in love with Bill. She mostly wants to steal him away from Dick though. Rooster is a homophobe, and doesn't know his partner is gay. Dick's afraid of conflicts (emotional ones - not, like, fist fights and shit), and hasn't had the heart to tell Rooster that. And Bill Pendulum, yeah, why does everyone love him? Honestly, I have no idea.

And that's what went through my head when I drew this. Now, I'm looking for someone that wants to buy the rights to make a show out of this, and give me one million dollar for it. We can call it "Hard time" and make it an half-an-hour show.

The kids are gonna love it.

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