Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In the name of progression

Back in the dark September of 2005, I was introduced to comics of the web, more specifically a little webcomic called Ctrl+Alt+Del. I still remember exactly what strip I was greeted by the first time I visited the site.

The 16 year old me was amazed.

“FREE comics, on MY internet?” I thought. “I NEVER!”

But it was true.

This was back in the days when we still had a dial-up modem, and every time of the day when cranked up the Internet for some surfing, I'd click through the archives of said comic.

Here was a comic about video games and things that I cared about, it wasn't like a typical print comic; of course I loved it. But what amazed me the most about it, was the ability to, with one click, see and appreciate the difference in artwork, and how far the artist had gotten since he started out. I loved seeing progression back then, and I still do.

Today I'm aware of a lot of the amazing webcomics out there, and also about the fact of how hated Ctrl+Alt+Del is by other artists (granted, most of those complaints may be legit). I barely read it anymore, but I still find myself in the habit of defending it whenever someone critics it.

Anyway! (tl;dr: my life story)

In 2006 I decided to create my OWN comic in the vein of CAD, i.e. about games. With print screen-backgrounds.

It looked like this (BLEARGH):

Sorry about that. (Yes, this was back in the day when writing “teh” was still cool)

I've been wanting to remake this one for like a year now at least, and I finally got around to do that. So, this is progression:

(Click for fullview)

Obviously I had to rewrite it a bit too, cause... well I HOPE my writing has gotten a bit better since 2006.

(Btw. Alyx actually does have pink/purple underwear, I didn't make that up. That shit is canon.)


emmajeans said...

I have learned that in past 5 years you have become less of a boob man and more of a butt man...

Rasmus said...

*cough* I have no idea what you're talking about...