Monday, August 16, 2010

Mafia 2

The Mafia 2 demo was released short time ago on Steam. I LOVED the first game, but wasn't overly excited about the sequel (uhm, not to say I wasn't... unexcited), but once I downloaded it and played thorugh... well...

...DAMN, I can WAIT until it's released now. Haven't had this much fun with a game in quite some time now.

The random playboy magazines that you could pick up was a bit surprising though, but it's a strangely effective way to get you to care about the collectibles.

Yes, I like it so much I made a comic. When I like things, I make comics.


emmajeans said...

I wonder who the target demographic is?!

(*hint* not straight women or gay men!)

Rasmus said...

I'd guess 2K Games defined it the target audience as "retrosexual".