Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mäkta överraskad av strukturen hos en väldig hög av grus

Inked and colored version of the girl I posted before, with the Raging Bull Magnum. Click for dA.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wraaah wrah wraaaah!

Inked and colored the girl with the sniper. Click for deviantart.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's so amazing. It's so, it's so.

I'm on a roll here... or as close to a roll someone like me might get.

Here's the sniper-anti-heroine's sister:

I call her Zeresh. Apparently, it's someone in the bible. And I know the pose is a bit weird. They usually are when it's me drawing.

Screams of the Undead

Yes, it's one of those days today, where I post several times.

I really need to learn to color better. But it's hard.

Passa dig för mig

Inked myself from todays strip.

I've always had trouble drawing myself, I guess I think of myself in another way than I actually look. Plus, I suck at caricatures.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Am I Ike?

Drew Mike Perry, very fast. I'm fast.

With all due respect

I really wanted to draw a big, cool Spawn. Whole Spawn. With legs and arms and stuff. But I just can't draw heroic anatomy. And that makes me very sad. It just feels so alien to me. It doesn't help that McFarlane’s anatomy is kinda off in itself, either.

So I ended up just drawing Spawn's head, and then added a shitload of lines all over the place.

If you draw lines everywhere, Spawn is BOUND to show up in there, somewhere. He's basically just a bunch of lines.

Friday, May 15, 2009

so i herd u liek freeman

Don't you know it's Freeman Friday? It's the day we celebrate the greatest hero of all times, by making crude drawings of him.

I kinda like doing "simple" sketches and then throw in a single color for shading. It's a neat, simple effect.

Also, here's the progress in case anyone's interested:

You'll notice some major changes between every step.

EDIT: Inked and colored:

Click the image for a higher res at deviantart.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stranded in the spooky town

Now I want to draw a superhero comic, and have this girl be the antiheroine, kinda like The Punisher... except he's no heroine.

Also, what's this?

I don't know. Do you know? You don't know.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sällsamma fakta, förvisso!

Yesterday I was stricken by the sudden urge to draw Verity from Stink Child Comics. Not sure why - I just get urges to draw stuff like that from time to time. After some trial and error today, I realised that my style is different from Mike Perry’s in some fundamental places. Not to get into it too deep, but I realised that if I were to draw some things – that looks good in Perry’s style – they’ end up looking like shit in my own. This was very frustrating, so I ended up changing my master plan. Instead of just draw Verity, I’d draw her in the way that I would’ve drawn her if she was in fact my own character. That way, I could explain why she looks different in some ways, and why I changed some things that never even required changing. Like shortening the shirt. I just like short shirts.

I threw in a bag too. She looks like a bag person.

I really like drawing other peoples characters and putting a personal touch on them, btw. I think I’ll do this on several other webcomic personalities. And probably lesser know webcomics (that I have a personal connection to) too, it’s funnier that way.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ben asked me about human figure tutorials on Twitter, and that I should post some links in my next post. So I thought, hey, why not make a post right now and gather some great resources? Feel free to throw in some links in the comments too if you want.  

Before we move on to online tutorials, I’ll talk about the books I’ve read on the subject.

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way – Not that I want to draw the “Marvel way”, but there are some great tips in this book, from how to draw stick figures and flesh out the anatomy, to how to lay out a splash page in the right way. Some of the dialog in it is a bit cheesy, but that just adds to the charm (Keep in mind it was written back in 1977).

How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 2: Logical Proportions – Boy, let me tell you about this book; I LOVE this book. It’s big, thick and got soooo much awesome stuff in it. And it’s just ONE of the books in that series of a million other books, just look at wikipedia! God. If all those books are as good as this one… well, I need to read them all. This book that I got covers the proportions of the human anatomy (just as the title suggests). 
Even if you don’t wish to draw manga (I don’t, really), it’s still a great book. Manga is just a style, after all. 

The Everything Cartooning Book: Create Unique And Inspired Cartoons For Fun And Profit – (what’s up with these long ass titles?) By Brad Guigar, who also co-wrote How To Make Webcomics (which is another book that I recommend if you’re into drawing comics). Some new, interesting stuff here, and some things are covered better in the previous ones imo. Still a great read that I recommend. 

I’ve read some other books too which I like very much, but I won’t mention them because I’m not sure if they exist outside of Sweden and - if they do - what they are called. 

I'll let you judge a book by its cover, for once:

Ok, enough about books. Let’s talk about online resources. 

The first one I’ll mention is this one, written by Athey Nansel-Moravetz. It’s all about drawing the human figure, and talks about muscles and the difference between convex and concave lines, among other things. It’s great, read it. I actually printed out that entire page and read it like that, I prefer reading on paper. 

Now, another tutorial I would be amiss if I did not mention is this one, by my fellow Swede Arne Niklas Jansson. Granted he doesn’t talk about figure drawing or anatomy, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t the best tutorial on coloring I’ve read so far. Read the entire page, let it sink in, and then read it again. And again.

Actually these two sites are the only ones I can think of right now, that I’ve specifically used for drawing resources (that still exists). However, when I talk about tutorials, I always like to bring up DeviantArt. It’s great. Just type in whatever you want to learn + “tutorial” and you’ll see that there’s something for everything. (Except for now apparently, dA is being stupid and telling me that there are no anatomy tutorials. I know there is! Here’s one! I guess the search function is acting up.)

The best thing on deviant art is probably this thing, which contains a shit load of links to almost every damn reference and tutorial on human anatomy there is. That post itself makes this thing I’ve written entirely useless. Just go browsing though all those links. I mean, Jesus Christ that’s a lot of links. That’s all you need. Bookmark that!

Also, to end this I'll give you a few links with Photoshop tutorials. I'm sure they'll come in handy, and if you are looking for good anatomy tutorials, you're probably looking for good Photoshop tutorials too (or any good tutorials of any kind, really).

Adobe Creative Suite Podcast
Photoshop Killer Tips

And, like I said at the beginning: if you've got any tips on great tutorials, feel free to leave a comment. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

I needed a long shower

Whoop. Been awhile since I posted something here. I’ve not been drawing as frequently these last weeks, and the things I have done have been more related to Glitchtown. I’ve also gotten into this weird habit of sketching stuff that I end up not finishing because I don’t like it. So today you get discontinued crap like this:

The robot is pretty cool though, just a warm up drawing. Spiderman sucks. That’s a really weird pose, and the arm looks like shit and his head… what’s up with that? I stopped with Leonardo because he’s just so stiff and weird. I don’t like it. 

I also drew Peach and Daisy in the hot spot a while ago, mostly cause Skwerl wanted something like that (or anything nude, really). I'm a nice guy.

Snicker. It's not perfect, but I kinda like it.