Monday, May 10, 2010

fuck Livfe

Looking through some old stuff, I found a notebook with writings from when I was somewhere between 11-13 years old (I think). I and three classmates had decided we wanted to start a band (even though neither of us could sing NOR play. Anything). Anyway, I wrote the track list and started on a few lyrics, as I was the obvious word-smith of the band.

As you can probably tell:

"We walke too the school. Evry day. We do stuff thet we do not want too. the school is over and we walke home and the bag is heavy"

This is actually quite profound. And a bit reminiscent of Linkin Park, if I may say so myself.


Notorious Pie Bandit said...

That is quite adorable.

You should have started this band.

You could have been like Justin Beiber.


Rasmus said...

:D Thanks. I TOTALLY would've been cooler than Beiber though! He doesn't even curse, and cursing is cool as we all know.