Friday, May 7, 2010

Figure studies - Stephen Silver

In order to get better at drawing, I need to acknowledge what I need to work on, and actually work on that. And I think the best way to learn is to study what others have done; pick apart their artwork and understand how and why it works. So I'm gonna start doing that, by doing something as awful as just blatantly trace artwork from people I admire.

So this I'm gonna be making several posts like this, hopefully, with tracings of others art. First out is the animation guru Stephen Silver:

I'm sure you can find the image I traced from if you google his name. Stephen art is AMAZINGLY dynamic and... unstatic (I'm the master of tautology, thank you). And it's very expressive, you can almost tell what type of character it is just by looking at their shape. Even their silhouettes are expressive.

When dissecting his art, it's easy to tell it's built up by a few really simple shapes. When I was done, I tried sketching two drawings of my own (in blue) with the same process so to speak. It doesn't look as good, but I'm gonna keep practicing.

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