Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I ain't no edjit, I'm pro

First of all, I'm not always pronouncing "J" perfect in English, I know. Mike picks on me for it, though I don't actually mind that :P (I'm sorry for always making Mike seem angry in my strips btw. It's not just me though! Seems like we always hurt each other when we're in the same comic...)

Now, the important part. Yes, I am accepting donations now! :) (See the donations-button to the right? GIVE ME YOUR MONEY) I'm not giving anything back directly though, if you choose to give me your money. So why would you choose to do so? Well, if you like what I do, and want me to keep doing it, donations would be SO appreciated. (I imagine there's some millionaire reading this now, who have a couple of thousand dollars to spare) I promise that money goes directly to new drawing material and such. I'm trying to save up for a new tablet actually, my old is... well...'s seen better days. The buttons on the tablet itself isn't working anymore either.

Anyway, if you're like me (greedy, cheap and poor), you won't make any donations. That's cool too. If you still want to be nice though, just leave a comment! That will also make me very happy. And it's free.

And here are a few drawings:


Notorious Pie Bandit said...

Because I'm poor (and probably greedy and cheap too) I'm leaving a comment:


Also, the IT Crowd is made of pure awesome.

That is all.

emmajeans said...

You should get a wishlist at

I don't expect that anyone will ever buy me anything on mine, but I bought something for Danielle Corsetto ( ) from her wishlist coz she had one. So you never know.

Also: "comment"

Also: *kram*

Rasmus said...

Jaimi: YOU CHEAP BASTARD... I mean... yeah, thanks for the comment... T_T

Emma: Oooh, cool! Perhaps I should. And thank you SO much for the donation! That means a lot *kram*

emmajeans said...

If I could take you out for coffee, I would... If I could have donated anonymously, I would have.

Just keep making art, Bear.

Rasmus said...

...which is why you're an amazing panda!

Anonymous said...

Fast det kommer att komma ett litet bidrag på tisdag för den där sista bilden. Hoppas jag i alla fall annars får du påminna henne. Jobba gratis ska du inte göra. Inte med din talang.

Rasmus said...

Tack Astri, alltför snällt!