Thursday, April 1, 2010

And now for something completely different

I and my fellow friend and camera enthusiast Jacob did a hostile takeover of the school's photo studio today. For photoing, you see.

Alas, our creative ideas disappeared at the blink of an eye - or perhaps there never were any there to begin with - so we started doing all sorts of weird stuff.

In our mind weird stuff may or may not equal creativity. It's hit and miss, you never know.

Like, say, pointing down an empty plastic box. Creative? Meaningful? Who are you to judge? It's not for the critics eyes. It's way beyond that. Beyond criticism.

I brought my hat and 'stache though.

I needed to look amazing.

Should be worth noting that Jacob has taken all of these pictures. Except this one:

He's batman. Or Jesus. The specifics are quite unclear at present.

1 comment:

Jacob said...

Beyond criticism. I want to stay there! Snyggt iaf! :)