Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Emotion Express

Paranoia's our train driver, taking us away
Anxiety's the conductor that keeps hushing what I say
The two of them run the business called Emotion Express
Taking me for a ride with all the feelings I possess

Despair's way down the back, just hoping to chime in
Hate's there too, with a smile turned to a grin
Insecurity felt sick and threw up over the seat
Annoyance just can't stop complaining about the heat

Happiness' locked up doing coke in the bathroom
Just trying to earn his own name, I would assume

Depression's sitting next to me, looking rather down
Sadness unsurprisingly has his face stuck in a frown
Ignorance told a joke, but completely missed the point
Misery looked quite gloomy, but didn't disappoint

Nervousness' right eye can't seem to stop twitching
And he keeps scratching both his legs, apparently they're itching 

Satisfaction fell asleep and drooled over my shoulder
Naïvety whispered to me that she wished that she was older
Gullibility gladly accepted candy from Spite
Righteousness and Deceitfulness got into a fight

Joy and bliss were supposed to sit next to me,
But they both missed the train - Bliss “really had to pee”

This is what I feel when I travel down the rail road
A plethora of feelings that completely fills this ode
When my stop approaches I get ready to depart
A sudden *cough* cause an uneven-beating heart

Anxiety stands behind me, confused and says:
“Sir... you can never LEAVE the Emotion Express”

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