Saturday, July 4, 2009

No one gives a fuck about you anymore

I love inking digital. So SO SO much. But I think I love inking on regular paper EVEN MOAR. Jesus Christ I love it. So much.

Here's Mike Perry.

Mike has a cintiq. Which means he draws with fire. But he doesn't need to, cause - as this image clearly shows - his hands are made of pure energy.

Pure. Fucking. Energy.

If I ever meet Mike, I think I'll frame this one and give it to him. Maybe color it too? Maybe.


J. Christopher Baggett said...

WTF, John Tesh!?

Rasmus said...

Who? o_O

Ben said...

Did mike send you a photo for this?

Rasmus said...

Nah Ben. I printed out the hottest one of his lightsaber pics. A headshot's all I need.

Mike Perry said...


Rasmus said...