Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nåt säger mig att du blir borta en lång lång tid

Third attempt at this. I don't ink using brush and liquid ink, so the hair got really redundant. I ended up just blocking in where all the black should be, basically.


Dani said...

I like her, specially the pose.. did you use a reference or is she from imagination? :) I think the only thing you should think about is continuing her jaw-line instead of leaving the area between the hair and her cheek blank.
And you're half a graphic designer now, so you should use your nifty photoshop skills in fixing the levels ;)

Rasmus said...

Yeah, I used a reference. Can't do realism from imagination, yet.
The levels has been throughly tampered with, but I still wanted it to look like actual ink on actual paper.