Friday, May 8, 2009

Sällsamma fakta, förvisso!

Yesterday I was stricken by the sudden urge to draw Verity from Stink Child Comics. Not sure why - I just get urges to draw stuff like that from time to time. After some trial and error today, I realised that my style is different from Mike Perry’s in some fundamental places. Not to get into it too deep, but I realised that if I were to draw some things – that looks good in Perry’s style – they’ end up looking like shit in my own. This was very frustrating, so I ended up changing my master plan. Instead of just draw Verity, I’d draw her in the way that I would’ve drawn her if she was in fact my own character. That way, I could explain why she looks different in some ways, and why I changed some things that never even required changing. Like shortening the shirt. I just like short shirts.

I threw in a bag too. She looks like a bag person.

I really like drawing other peoples characters and putting a personal touch on them, btw. I think I’ll do this on several other webcomic personalities. And probably lesser know webcomics (that I have a personal connection to) too, it’s funnier that way.

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